Burwood Health has recently had a change in ownership, with Dr Graeme Bennetts selling his practice to Dr Intan Md Tahir.

Dr Tahir will join the practice as at Monday 2nd August 2021 and we would like to extend a warm welcome to her.

Dr Bennetts is semi-retiring and will still be available part-time.  Dr Intan will be happy to see any of Dr Bennetts patients.

To find out more about Dr Intan Md Tahir please visit the Our Team‘ page.



Influenza Vaccinations are still available for all ages.

To find out more, or to book an appointment, please call our team on 03 383 0219 today.




JULY 2021


There is a lot of viral illness around at the moment. This is even more difficult than usual for us to deal with, as we are keeping anyone with respiratory symptoms out of the medical centre. If you have an appointment and have respiratory symptoms, you will be asked to wait in your car. The doctor or nurse will triage you and may see you in the car or in our prefab in the carpark.

A lot of the winter illness is self-limiting and the best treatment is staying home and keeping fluids up.

There is a very good reference on about when you should seek medical attention for your child with a cold.

If you have concerns, do phone and speak to one of our nurses. We do keep some urgent appointments available to book on the day.



We now have a nurse prescriber working with us every day, Sarah Clark. She is an experienced nurse, who has done a lot of extra training and is on the pathway to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. She can see patients who have stable, longterm conditions eg blood pressure (ask your GP if this would be appropriate for you). She can also treat UTIs,  and see other ailments to make sure that you get seen at the optimal time for your health concerns.



If you are in Group 3, you should have received a text, letter, email or phone call inviting you to book your vaccination appointment.

Group 3 includes people aged 65 yrs or over; people of any age with certain underlying health conditions (ie if you are eligible for a free flu vaccine); pregnant women; people with disabilities, the people they live with and their carers.

If you think that you have been missed, email  for booking information

A good reference is: