Burwood Health ensures that all patients are afforded the right to access health care and be supported during their consultation.  Our team can assist in ensuring you are comfortable during your consultation in the following ways:


Whānau & Friends Supporting You During An Appointment

It is your right to have Whānau or friends support you during your consultation with a doctor or nurse.



It is your right to have a support person with your during a consultation at Burwood Health, this can be either a family member or friend.  At times, a chaperone may be requested to support you during your consultation, if you do not have someone attending an appointment with you, a team member can chaperone.



Burwood Health is fully wheelchair accessible including an elevator for patients to access to attend appointments on the upper floor of the building.

The centre also has a number of disabled car parking spaces available for patients to utilize.


Languages / Interpreting Services

Understanding your consultation is an important part of your health journey, and that is why Burwood Health offers an interpreting services through Interpreting New Zealand for patient care.  Please advise our staff when you book an appointment if you require an interpreter and the language required.  There is no additional fees for accessing an interpreting service.