Burwood Health is pleased to introduce Bridget as our new Health Improvement Practitioner.


What is a Health Improvement Practitioner?

A Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) works with patients identifying areas of behavioral change and can assist in mental wellbeing.

Bridget has a Bachelor in Social Work (Hons) and Post-Graduate Certificate in Adult Mental Health and Addictions, however, is able to discuss any issue that you be affecting you, no matter your age or stage of life.


How can a Health Improvement Practitioner help me?

Utilizing the Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT) format, Bridget is able to help people name the issues within their lives that are causing them concern, and identify ways in which to bring about meaningful change.


How do I arrange an appointment with the Health Improvement Practitioner?

Your doctor is able to introduce you to Bridget next time you are at the practice for an appointment.

Bridget is available for face-to-face, phone or video consultation to suit with your lifestyle.

Bridget is available:

Monday 8:45am – 4:30pm

Tuesday 8:45am – 4:30pm

Wednesday 8:45am – 4:30pm

Thursday 1:00pm – 4:30pm


There is no charge to visit the Health Improvement Practitioner (or Health Coach) as their services are Government funded.

If you would like to make an appointment with Bridget, or speak to your doctor about how a Health Improvement Practitioner could help you achieve your health goals, call the practice on 03 383 0219.